Nutrition and Health Care Management offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to prepare students for a variety of careers in prevention, health care and wellness. The Health Care Management and Health Sciences programs prepare students for various roles in health care and leadership. The programs related to Nutrition prepare students for careers in dietetics or food systems management while the master's degree advances their knowledge for careers as registered dietitians or working in public health nutrition.

Bachelor of Science Nutrition and Foods

App State’s Nutrition and Foods (BS) degree prepares students for careers in Dietetics, Nutrition & Wellness, and Foodsystems Management. The Dietetics emphasis uses ACEND accredited coursework to prepare students to become Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) who may work in private practice, counseling, governmental jobs, clinical services and medical nutrition therapy. Graduates who earn a Nutrition and Wellness degree may promote health through school system positions, public health departments and governmental health agencies. Foodsystems management degreed students could explore food service management careers in schools, hospitals or hospitality industries.

Bachelor of Science Health Care Management

App State's Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Care Management degree prepares students to lead organizations as managers and administrative professionals in a variety of healthcare organizations. Alumni work in physician offices, hospitals, hospital systems, long-term care facilities, insurance providers, medical device companies and other healthcare settings in roles related to human resources, finance, quality improvement, information systems, policy and strategy.

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

The new Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree was designed for individuals who have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in an allied health field from a North Carolina Community College and are interested in advancing their careers. Potential career paths include health-related leadership roles as well as the opportunity to pursue a post-graduate degree or teach within their discipline at a community college. The degree is being offered online, and at the App State Boone and Hickory campuses.

Master of Science Nutrition

The graduate programs in Nutrition offer both face-to-face and online options for students seeking specialties in Dietetics or Public Health Nutrition. The programs provide culturally sensitive training by diverse faculty and preceptors to prepare graduates to function as exceptional nutrition professionals within healthcare, food systems, community and public health settings. After graduation, students have the opportunity to pursue career pathways in Public Health or as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

Master of Health Administration (MHA)

The MHA program is designed to build the competencies needed to work in a dynamic and complex environment on some of the most critical issues in health care. The theory to practice philosophy enables the student to gain skills in data analytics, critical thinking, strategic planning, organizational dynamics and leadership. Areas of strong industry growth are in home health care, long-term care, physician practice management and managed care.